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Combining the potency of concentrates with the ease of vaping, pre-filled cartridges are an easy, discreet way to consume cannabis, whether you use it medicinally or recreationally. You may have heard of them referred to as disposable wax pens, hash oil vape pens, or just pre-loaded cannabis oil vape cartridges. When it comes to functionality, portability, and tremendous ease of use, this cannabis product tends to stand out above the rest.

There are a lot of duds offered on the market, though, so we want to explain what you need to watch out for when shopping for pre-filled cartridges. We’re going to discuss what kind of cartridges to stay away from, how you can find a trustworthy brand, and everything else you need to know about the pre-filled halves of a vape pen. Let’s dive into our comprehensive guide on everything you need to know about pre-filled cartridges.

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What are Pre-Filled Cartridges?

Instead of wading through disposable vape pen after another for your THC or CBD needs, pre-filled cartridges make it to where you’re only disposing of the top part of the vape. The base, your actual vape, can have disposable cartridge after disposable cartridge screwed into it and the vape will work at the same quality level as it did from the start. As long as the base is kept charged, it can heat up the contents of the pre-filled cartridge, which usually contains some high percentage of THC (or CBD, in the case of full-spectrum CBD products as well as CBD isolates).

In fact, pre-filled cannabis cartridges usually contain over 70% THC. Labelled as the cannabis strain that they are extracted from, these cartridges often have distinct, unique flavors and scents that complement how enjoyable the vapor is. The potency of being somewhere between 70% and 99% THC is not to be forgotten, either.

There are also, however, pre-filled cartridges that contain only a high percentage of CBD, rather than THC. Full-spectrum CBD products are generally the ones you want to lean towards, but CBD isolates have their uses as well.

Why Choose a Pre-Filled Cartridge?

There are many benefits to using pre-filled vape cartridges; some of which we’ve outlined below. While you may have your own reasons for vaping cannabis, these are the main reasons people tend to switch to this easier method. Likewise, this is especially useful for beginners still unsure of making the switch.


Being able to just screw a pre-filled cartridge into a vape base, turn on the base, and start hitting it makes the ease of use substantial. Instead of waiting hours or even days to make edibles, you can have equal or more intense effects with a pre-filled vape pen. For those who struggle to empty a cashed bowl and reload it, pre-filled cartridges are significantly faster and easier.

The concentrate that’s in the cartridges are also like the wax you would put in a dab rig and nail setup. Not only is that setup moderately dangerous, especially for newcomers into the cannabis world, but it’s not very cost-effective and it’s time-consuming to have to get the nail hot enough for the wax to smoke in the rig.


Additionally, carrying around a vape cart means you have the most inconspicuous portable method of smoking. More bases will be more minimalist and sleeker than others, so you’ll want to do your research ahead of time to decide which you prefer the most.

The custom-designed CCELL battery and charger from MYCHRON, for example, is a sleek, pen-like design that’s easy to charge and easy to discretely hide away. Furthermore, the pen is roughly the same size in diameters as MYCHRON’s pre-filled cartridges, making them a perfect combo to deliver the recreational and medical benefits you’re looking for.


Concentrates are, as the name might suggest, highly concentrated extracted versions of the cannabis strain they’re generally labelled as. However, those that are new to cannabis concentrates or those with a low tolerance should keep in mind how much they’re consuming. Unfortunately, it can catch up to you faster than you’ve had a moment to register.

On the bright side, utilizing pre-filled cartridges means you won’t have to worry about the horror of taking far too big of a dab. The mods and bases used to heat the cartridges usually have an automatic off timer, so they can’t be pressed on and producing heat for more than 10 to 20 seconds at a time.

What’s in a Cartridge?

There are only a short few types of cartridges, which makes it easier to narrow down on your preference once you decide which types of cartridge you like the most. The type of cartridge you get comes down to the ingredients inside of it. The contents of your cartridge have to have the right viscosity to be able to burn at the right wattage. This comes down to the starting material used by each cartridge manufacturer.


A cannabis distillate contains almost nothing else besides pure, highly refined cannabinoids. A delicious treat, the oil in distillate cartridges can be produced from a range of starting materials. However, a thinning agent of some kind is often required as there’s no way to cut the viscosity of the material with no residual terpenes left behind. Both pros and cons to using distillates, it’s not the only type of cartridge available.

CO2 Oil

When this type of oil is made properly, it doesn’t need any additives to meet the viscosity levels needed to vaporize in the atomizer of a vape mod. While this isn’t all CO2 oil, certain winterized high-grade CO2 oils are uniquely compatible to vape mods.

Unlike the distillates, when CO2 oil is made properly it can retain just some of the plant-based terpenes that the distillates lack. These terpenes act as a natural thinning agent, meaning your oil doesn’t have to get combined with additives and can stay at its prime potency before using it. Likewise, this method is what typically gives the oil strains their specific and unique flavours and aromas.


For oils that just don’t have the formula perfected, additives are used to act as a supplemental thinning agent. Products with heavy additives have been showing up less and less on the market as of late, though you’ll still find some prominent ingredients, such as vegetable glycerin or coconut oil. While some ingredients aren’t harmful, a large percentage of the additives being used in vapes is up for debate as to how it may affect your health. Just keep in mind, some additives are worse than others for what you could be consuming.

How to Find the Best Pre-Filled Cartridges

Not every cartridge on the market is the same, so keep a careful eye on the ones that may be duds, have harmful additives, or not have the level of THC you’re looking for. Follow these tips to make sure you’re choosing a pre-filled cartridge brand you can trust.

Avoid Butane-Based Extracts

Like we mentioned, some additives are worse than others. Butane-based THC concentrates, for example, aren’t the best option for you when it comes to vaping the plant. Likewise, we mentioned that the CO2 oil is going to generally be the preferred option, but you shouldn’t go for any brand that doesn’t extract their oil using carbon dioxide.

Stay Away from Cutting Agents

As fun as 85% to 95%+ THC is fun, it’s often too viscous to be able to vape easily. Unfortunately, many brands like to take the cheap way out and add thinning agents. These thinning agents, however, often react with heat for form formations of compounds like acetaldehyde and formaldehyde. Extremely toxic to human health, you’ll want to stay far away from these chemical compounds and any brands that uses harsh additives like that.

Choose a Pre-Filled Cartridge Brand You Can Trust

We would never recommend a brand that uses harsh additives or anything but the best, high-quality cannabis oil on the market. MYCHRON has a wide selection of Sativas, Indicas, and Hybrid cannabis strains in the form of both flower and in pre-filled oil cartridges. You get to see the strength of THC in each container, the type of strain you’re purchasing, and some of the effects you can expect while consuming the oil.

Likewise, you’ll get an idea of what you’re going to taste, smell, and experience while vaping the strain. It’s an easy, trustworthy way to get cannabis without feeling like you’re going through a brand you can’t trust. MYCHRON is a dedicated, premium cannabis medical dispensary based out of California that works with doctors to bring you the best and brightest medical bud on the market.

Mission Organic proudly sources our concentrates and flower from MYCHRON, delivering it straight to your door within reasonable timeframes. In fact, we’re open 7 days a week, 10AM to 9PM, and we can guarantee an estimated delivery time of 45 minutes to 120 minutes after ordering. You’re guaranteed more than just same-day delivery, too – you’re guaranteed a trusting brand that wants to educate, medicate, and help the world through cannabis. Visit our store every Monday to get 20% OFF  MYCHRON VAPE CARTRIDGES!

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