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In an effort to make your shopping experience as efficient and safe as possible, Mission Organic Center has teamed up with AeroPay to allow you a contactless payment option.

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Frequently Asked Questions

I didn’t receive my passcode via text. What should I do? 

Resend the code. If you don’t receive it, please contact

My bank is not listed in AeroPay. What should I do? 

Use the search bar – try variations of your bank’s name. If you have no luck, please contact

The screen froze or network error. Did the payment go through?

Check your email for a receipt and/or check your activity log by tapping your initials in the top-right of AeroPay. If the payment is missing, please try again.

Can I link my debit/credit card to AeroPay? 

No, AeroPay connects directly to your bank. This allows for higher security, faster transactions, and lower costs.

How secure is AeroPay? 

AeroPay does not ask for any sensitive information (e.g. routing numbers & social security). The same bank link providers are used with other popular apps.

Is there an AeroPay app to download? 

No, users access AeroPay directly from their browsers. No app download is required. You may bookmark your favorite merchant’s payment link and even save it to your home screen like a traditional app!

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