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When it comes to cannabis, there’s nothing more versatile than a marijuana delivery service. These operations benefit both the operators as well as the clients in a host of ways. Join us as we detail the benefits of our cannabis delivery services and why they’re an integral part of the overall marijuana industry.




Cannabis delivery service are based on the mobility. They are not rooted in a property that governs storefront cannabis shops, but instead, are free to roam across various jurisdictions to satisfy a plethora of customers.


Many cannabis delivery services realize that keeping a minimal carbon footprint also helps in reducing overall operating costs. This is why many mainstream delivery services can be seen driving a fleet of hybrid and electric vehicles.


This mobility creates a newfound opportunity for not only the dispensary but for customers as well. Clients can order from anywhere in the delivery zone, which gives them a greater sense of flexibility. No longer do customers need to scramble to get to a brick-and-mortar dispensary right after work during rush hour.


Lower Operating Costs


A cannabis delivery service is far cheaper to operate compared to a brick-and-mortar dispensary because it requires less inventory and does not require a large building to operate from.


Storefront dispensaries are more popular overall because they allow you to view products before buying them. This increased traffic also means that storefront dispensaries must have a large number of products on hand at any given moment.


On the other hand, a delivery service isn’t required to carry a vast quantity of cannabis products at all times. This means that operators aren’t liable for placing a large upfront investment in truckloads of marijuana products.


The most significant expense of a storefront cannabis dispensary is the property and the compliance laws that govern them. First, specific permission must be obtained before moving into a property. After this, setting up the property and making sure that it’s compliant is the next significant hurdle. After all is said and done, most storefront operators are looking at $500,000 to upwards of $1 million.


Instead, cannabis delivery services typically operate in commercial offices that aren’t entirely governed by compliance laws. This is primarily because there isn’t a comprehensive legal framework for cannabis delivery services to follow.


Sometimes, these lower operating costs translate into lower prices for cannabis products for you: the consumer. It’s not a guarantee that delivery services will transfer these savings to their clients, but it’s possible that many delivery services have reduced prices since their operational costs aren’t as high as storefront dispensaries.




This is the #1 reason why cannabis delivery services exist. Convenience is the keyword, and customers appreciate the fact that they don’t need to drive to a dispensary that may be far away.


When asked, clients will always claim that delivery services offer something that storefront shops are incapable of providing. The service that clients can’t get enough of is an at-home delivery. In a similar fashion to ordering a pizza, you can order a wide-range of cannabis products to your door with a simple call, text, or email.


Although clients are only able to view products by the pictures provided by the dispensary, most are willing to take the risk; all in the name of convenience. Flowers, concentrates, edibles, and topicals can all be rapidly delivered to your doorstep, which takes away the hassle of needing to drive to the dispensary before they close frantically.


Current Regulations for Cannabis Delivery Services


Currently, cannabis delivery services benefit from a host of favorable laws regarding their business model. California, for example, mandates that delivery services are legally allowed to operate in any jurisdiction in California. This means that individual counties that wish to ban delivery services from operating in their communities are no longer legally able to enforce their demands.


Other laws have increased the amounts of cannabis products that delivery drivers are allowed to carry, which stands at upwards of $10,000 in a product.


Provide a Service to Those Who Can’t Drive To a Storefront Dispensary


Delivery services provide a community service by delivering medicinal-grade cannabis to those that are incapable of driving to a storefront dispensary. Countless individuals find themselves unable to drive or incapable of traveling due to health issues.


Instead of forcing those who can’t travel easily to a storefront dispensary, delivery services bring the shop to them. Aside from those with health issues, there are also individuals who can’t drive to a storefront dispensary due to obligations at home – such as stay at home moms and dads.




This is another significant highlight of cannabis delivery services. Not everyone wants to stroll into a storefront dispensary, which for one reason or another, is compromising. Whether it be job-related, your spouse, parents, and so forth; retaining your privacy is a key attribute to delivery services.


When a delivery driver pulls up to your residence, the car won’t have a large sign displaying the service they’re providing you with. Instead, these delivery drivers and vehicles are meant to be incognito, which means that they’re discreet.


Many of us lead professional lives or have family obligations, and although cannabis is legal in many states, there’s a significant demand for privacy.  Studies have indicated that parents are beginning to consume cannabis more than ever, but they simultaneously want to keep their business to themselves. It’s for these reasons that many individuals who want to try cannabis have yet to do so – until they’ve heard of marijuana delivery services.


This privacy also benefits the mobile service operator. Although cannabis is legal in various states, the federal government still considers these businesses as legal. The past has shown legal storefront dispensaries being raided by federal authorities, which shows the danger that still exists for these brick-and-mortar establishments.




Delivery services have come a long way in the last 2-5 years. Before the wave of legalization, delivery services were considered dangerous to operate and order from. Many drivers feared for their safety because of a high amount of armed robberies during a delivery.


Now, many guidelines are put in place that protects the customer, as well as the driver. Beneficial rules, such as drivers no longer carrying change, only increase the overall safety of cannabis delivery services.


Delivery drivers only deliver to a specified individual who has provided all of the necessary information, such as driver’s license, home address, phone number, and potentially a medical license (if in a medicinal state). Once all of this information has been provided, then delivery can be scheduled, and the transaction can be completed.


Also, background checks on delivery drivers hold employers accountable if a delivery driver endangers a customer. It’s these rules that keep delivery services accountable to their clientele, which should gain a customer’s respect and confidence.


Scheduled Deliveries


Scheduled deliveries are another perk of cannabis delivery services. If you’re slated to work odd hours, then you likely know the feeling of never being able to purchase cannabis at a storefront dispensary. Many jobs require the night-shift, and these individuals may find it nearly impossible to make it to a brick-and-mortar dispensary during operating hours. Luckily, many delivery services offer drop-offs for their customers.


Also, many delivery services offer late business hours, which ultimately benefit those with a not-so-traditional schedule.


Technology To Streamline the Delivery Process


As technology in the cannabis industry grows, many aspects are being streamlined to offer a greater sense of usability and transparency.


Have you ever ordered cannabis from a delivery service, only to wonder hours later where your order is? This happens to all of us, and there’s a growing trend that’s making this a much less common experience.


GPS tracking systems built into apps are leading the charge in providing customers and managers with an easy way to track their order or delivery driver. As a customer, it’s helpful to know how long until your order will arrive because it ensures that you’ll be ready to complete the transaction.


As a manager, it helps to know where your delivery driver is because it will allow you to gauge how long until he or she can make another order. This knowledge increases the overall efficiency, which is critical when providing a service such as cannabis delivery.


Cannabis Delivery Redefined


Ultimately, cannabis delivery services are flourishing because of the convenience that they provide. Their flexibility allows a larger group of individuals to order from them, and the regulations surrounding their business model are encouraging; rather than stifling.


Before, cannabis delivery services were seen as second-class compared to that of storefront dispensaries. Now, delivery services are proving to be a powerhouse in the marijuana industry.

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