Tetrahydrocannabinol, colloquially called THC, is a psychoactive compound primarily found in Cannabis sativa. For those unaware, this is the same as marijuana, most commonly known as ‘pot’. Unbeknownst to many, smoking pot is actually not as harmful as smoking tobacco. Marijuana doesn’t contain any significant amount of harmful carcinogens, and if smoked in moderation, doesn’t really damage your brain cells.? The cultivation of pot is legal in many countries like Iran, Spain and Switzerland. Also, in other countries, including Canada and the United States licenses and special permits can be obtained to grow and distribute the plant. However, it is still illegal in a majority of countries.

People often find themselves in situations where they need to undergo drug tests to ensure that they have no THC in their body. These drug tests are most commonly administered as urinalysis. Unfortunately, THC can stay in the system for thirty days, complicating situations. Listed below are some methods to help in such a scenario.

1) The best way to clear a urinalysis is to not smoke for thirty days prior to the test, if possible. It eliminates all traces of THC from the body, ensuring a negative result.

2) Drink tons of water in the days leading up to the test. Not just water, drink as many fluids as you can. Stuff yourself silly with green tea and cranberry juice. These act as natural diuretics, promoting urination. Ultimately, the bottom line is – the more you pee, the more THC leaves your system.

3) Exercise, exercise, exercise! Exercising speeds up your metabolism considerably and helps your body eliminate traces of marijuana naturally. As you perspire, a certain amount of marijuana gets excreted from your body. This, again, helps decrease the detectable levels of marijuana.

4) You can mask the THC level in your urine simply by using easily available products. The most commonly used product for this is gelatin. Many pot smokers swear by gelatin’s capability to get you to pass the dreaded drug test with flying colors. How gelatin works is simple. It has the capability to dissolve an extremely high amount of the drug in to itself. Since gelatin is excreted when you defecate, it doesn’t show up in urine, and a good amount of cannabinoids are eliminated from your body with no one being any the wiser. However, extreme caution must be taken when consuming gelatin. Excessive consumption can result in stomach upsets and severe diarrhea.

5) Some people also say that diluting your urine can provide an answer to all your worries. However, this must be done with caution since over dilution of urine can cause the other parameters like creatinine to show up as abnormally low. If this happens, the test will be declared inconclusive and you will need to repeat the test. Dilution of your urine should be done in a way that you pass the drug test without the tester coming to know about the dilution. Hence, ensure the urine doesn’t look like water.

None of these methods are guaranteed to work. These are simply some of the commonly tried and tested, and usually successful, methods to pass that devious dastardly drug test. Good luck!

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