Marijuana is becoming legal for both recreational and medical purposes in more areas. For that reason, there is a growing interest in the different effects that different types of cannabis plants can offer. However, among the different kinds of cannabis, Sativa and Indica are two of the major ones.

But what is the difference between Indica and Sativa? Are both the cannabis types, Indica and Sativa, the same thing? We will take a deeper dive into both the Indica and Sativa strains and let you know all about them. So, if you stick around, you can get to know all about both the cannabis strains.


What is Cannabis Indica?

Before we get into the differences that are between the Indica and Sativa strains, we would like you to have a fair idea regarding both of these popular strains. First, let’s start with the Indica strains. So, the Indica plants have a Middle Eastern origin. That includes the places such as Pakistan, Afghanistan, Eastern Europe, and Tibet.

Nonetheless, the Indica plants are bushy and reasonably short but have wide leaves. They also grow typically faster and offer a better overall yield than some of the other varieties. Indica varieties also have a higher CBD to THC ratio. In other words, the CBD compared to the THC is higher in the Indica plants.

indica plants


Effects of Cannabis Indica

The popular Indica plants will produce more of a “body high” than “head high.” In other words, the Indica effects are mostly for relaxation. However, most of the peer-reviewed studies have also indicated that cannabis Indica is great for aiding sleep, offering pain relief, and stimulating appetite.


CBD To THC Ratio

As mentioned earlier, the CBD level is reasonably high for the Indica dominant strain. And most of the popular Indica strains have a low THC count.


Indica Cannabis Plants

Unlike any other cannabis plant, Indica plants do not require that amount of light. That means cannabis growers can produce pure Indica without having to grow the cannabis plant in an open space. Also, the Cannabis Indica plants are well-known for offering more buds than other plants.


Benefits of Indica Cannabis

·        Increases appetite

·        Decreases acute pain

·        Offers deep relaxation

·        Increased mental relaxation

·        Increases dopamine

·        Decreases nausea

·        Aids sleep and is great for nighttime use


Cannabis Sativa

Unlike most other cannabis plants, Sativa plants come from the warmer parts of the world. That includes South America and Southeast Asia. The general perception of the Sativa plants is that they provide a more creative high. And this type of high is mostly highly energizing.

In comparison to Indica plants, Sativa plants tend to cause anxiety in some people. Yes, that is a pretty hot Sativa debate. Also, Sativa plants typically have higher THC than CBD.

cannabis sativa

Effects of Sativa Plants

Sativa strains tend to produce more “head high” than a “body high.” That means the Sativa dominant strains are primarily associated with uplifting alertness, euphoric feelings, energy, and creativity level. In other words, the Sativa-like effects are all about enhancing your mental abilities.


CBD To THC Ratio

The cannabis Sativa is well-known for having a higher THC count. In all of the popular Sativa strains, you will get less CBD count in comparison with THC.


Sativa Cannabis Plants

There is no true plant form of Sativa anymore. The strain has gone through multiple variations and currently has achieved a reasonably tall structure. Yes, the Sativa plants will be from 8 to 12 feet high. Sativa plants produce thin, long, and finger-like leaves. And a regular cannabis Sativa plant will have a dark shade of green.

Furthermore, the Sativa plants often grow longer and become more mature over time. However, you should note that cannabis Sativa plants require more light.


Benefits of Sativa Cannabis

·        Reduce anxiety (in most cases)

·        Anti-depressant

·        Can treat chronic pain

·        Increases serotonin

·        Increases focus and creativity

·        Good for daytime use


Indica Vs Sativa: What Are The Differences?

Now that you know most about Sativa, Indica, and the hybrids, let us move to the part that brought you here in the first place. So, are both the terms Indica and Sativa the same? Not at all! Both cannabis strain has things that set them apart.

Nonetheless, we will go through the difference between the cannabis species in this segment.


THC Content

The first highlight of Indica vs Sativa is the THC count. Unlike some of the other certain strains, these two have a good amount of difference in terms of the THC content. If you compare the Indica vs Sativa cannabis, you will notice that the THC count for the Sativa is comparatively higher.


CBD Content

The CBD amount is one of the criteria that dictates which cannabis use is good for you. Nonetheless, just like the THC content, the CBD amount of both cannabis is different. While the Sativa has more THC, it has a lower amount of CBD. On the other hand, even though Indica cannabis has a low THC, it has a high level of CBD.



If you go through the medical journals that are usually backed by a medical professional, you will notice a lot of debates regarding the varying effects of cannabis. Some will provide proper details about health conditions and the medical effects of each of the strains as well.

While specific strains of cannabis can provide both the head high and body high, Sativa and Indica are not among them. Both of them can be thought of like medical marijuana strains, but the chemical compounds of each make them a bit different.

CBD and THC bind to the same cannabinoid receptors of the human body. And as there are physical differences between cannabis, the effects are different for each of them.



Indica will target the body instead of the brain or mind for the plant’s chemical composition. In fact, if you are okay with utilizing cannabis products and opt for a healthcare professional, you can receive an Indica cannabis product as a medication. But that would only happen if you have pain or sleep-related problems.

On the other hand, Sativa cannabis is mostly for the mind and head instead of the body. Even though there were reports that many strains of Sativa induced anxiety problems, the cases were pretty low. In fact, many benefited from the anxiety and depression after having Sativa cannabis.



Yes, you will find Indica and Sativa in your regular cannabis dispensary, but they will often provide hybrid strains. New and unique strains of both the Sativa and Indica are coming out all the time. In fact, people that are relying on ruderals will often create hybrids with Indica and Sativa plants.

Nonetheless, the hybrid strains will also come in different varieties. Some will have high Indica strains, while some will have more of the popular strains of Sativa. The reason for these hybrids to exist is because one has more THC while the other has more CBD. But both of them should be available in a cannabis dispensary.

Basically, the THC and the CBD count will mainly depend on the parent plants. If the mix of cannabis has a high THC, the hybrid cannabis will be THC dominant. On the other hand, if the cannabis mix has more CBD, it will be CBD dominant. The same thing is applicable to other cannabinoids.


Hybrid Cannabis Plant

The appearance of the hybrid cannabis plant will depend on the parent plants. And in the cannabis community, there are tons of different hybrids available.


CBD to THC Ratio of The Hybrid Cannabis Plant

The reason why the farmers grow hybrid cannabis is mostly to increase the THC percentage. For that reason, hybrid plants are more likely to offer psychoactive effects.


Effects of Hybrid Cannabis

As we have mentioned earlier, the hybrid cannabis will mostly have a high THC count. That would eventually make them offer psychoactive effects. Nonetheless, the hybrids can offer varying health-related effects. They could reduce stress and anxiety to ease symptoms of radiation and chemotherapy.


Usage Timing

Again, the usage timing for the hybrid cannabis is not that easy to specify as they will have different predominant effects. However, it can become easy to detect the usage timing if you consider whether the hybrid is Indica or Sativa-dominant.


Cannabis Ruderalis

Apart from Sativa and Indica, there is another strain that exists in the cannabis-related product market. And yes, we are talking about cannabis Ruderalis. The thing that makes the Ruderalis plants less popular is that the Ruderalis strains are less potent.

cannabis ruderalis

How Do You Choose The Right Cannabis Product?

When you are looking for the right cannabis-related product for you, keep these considerations in your mind:


What Do You Want To Achieve?

Before anything else, you need to consider what you are trying to treat or feel. That will help you to easily decide if you want to opt for the Sativa or the Indica. Talk with the dispensary employee about your overall goals and speak about your priorities. It will help you to make the right decision.


Understand Your Tolerance Level

Some of the types are considered to be entry-level. They will typically be mild and highly tolerable. On the other hand, the ones with a higher level of cannabinoids will be too potent for a first-time user. Again, you should talk to the dispensary employee regarding your tolerance level.


Consider The Medical History

Even though cannabis is a natural product, it can sometimes cause intense effects. So, before you try it, you should consider the possible interactions with your existing medications or medical conditions. When you are in doubt, you should seek the help of a healthcare professional and understand the potential risks properly.


Consider The Consumption Method

Each of the methods of consumption has its drawbacks and benefits. For example, if you choose to smoke or vape, you will feel the effects quickly. However, that will also make your airways and lungs irritated.

On the other hand, gummies, foods, and chewable are easier to tolerate. However, the effects are not that fast, and it will take longer to notice the benefits. So, consider your priorities and check if you are okay with the drawbacks of each or not. After that, choose your desired consumption method.



Cannabis is not legal everywhere. Just a few years ago, all cannabis-related products were illegal in most parts of the USA. Now, you will notice that you can easily get your hands on those products if you meet the age requirement. Yes, you can get both for recreational and medical purposes.

Furthermore, the CBD laws are also evolving. Some states will allow it only for medicinal purposes. And they will heavily regulate the source to prevent the THC-laced CBD products from getting into the market. For that reason, it is pretty important to know the laws of your state before getting a CBD product.

Do note that you will be subject to different laws if you are outside of the United States. In fact, you might not even face any regulatory issues while getting CBD or THC products.


Final Words

To conclude, if you were to talk about the difference between Indica and Sativa, you should keep a couple of things in mind. First of all, both variants have different CBD and THC ratios. Secondly, each of them has varying effects and offers distinct benefits. So, before choosing one, consider all of the factors.

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